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Box Tracker: Dispatch screen overview

Box Tracker Dispatch screen overview

Box Tracker opens into the main dispatch screen. Noticed the blue stripe across the top that says box tracker. In superscript it will say the name of the database that you're looking atAreas in this example we are looking at BT test, this is a test database. Your instance of Box Tracker will say something like “BT” and your company name.

Directly below the blue stripe you will see a series of tabs labeled 'Customer,' 'Dispatch', 'containers', etc. We use the tab bar to navigate to the various pages in the application.

Below the navigation bar you will see a toolbar.Left side of the toolbar always indicates which page you were on. Following the page name you will see a series of buttons that have graphics onWith your mouse hover over each button and you will see pop-up text indicating what each button does.

n the right side of the toolbar you will see the date control. Use the arrow pointing left and right to navigate forward and back one day at a time.Click on the calendar icon in the decontrolAnd you will be presented with a calendar dialog box where you can select the date that you want to view. When you select the current date, Box Tracker will show you all work for that date and all carryover that was not completed prior to that date.

Below the toolbar you will see a zebra striped list of work orders for the selected date. You can click on the various column headers to resort the work orders. Some of the column headers are green. Hover over the green column headers to see a definition of the column header.

Dispatch Screen Overview

The various columns and what they mean: