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Internet Glossary

The web business is full of achronymns and cryptic terms. On this page we are assembling a list of terms that you will run across when you are contemplating a web site.

Google allows you to purchase clicks on keyword phases that you select. You create a budget and content, then Google sends you visitors. This program is called AdWords.
AT100 shows up in Google Analytics as a mobile device. This is the Toshiba Tablet running the Android OS.
Bounce Rate
The Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who enter your site and leave after the first page view. A rate in the 40% should be expected.
A small text file created by your web browser at the request of the web site you are visiting. Th information in this file is sent to the web server with every request you make. Cookies are used for a number of purposes including identifying the visitor to a web page, to provide appropriate content or track whether a visitor is logged into a the site. These files can also be used to track which pages a visitor has seen or correlate a visitor to a specific ip address.
Development is defined as creation of new functionality outside the scope of previous projects. Development work not described in this document will be subject to additional charges.
GT-P5100 shows up in Google Analytics as a mobile device. This is a Samsung Tablet running the Android OS.
The number of files sent by the web server. It is important to understand that a web page is likely made up of many files. Example: If you have a page that has a text file, 5 images, and a seperate style sheet, you get 7 hits on the web server. Your visitor, however, only saw 1 page. Hits are frequenly used to exaggerate traffic on a web site.
Hosting refers to the storage, of a web site or web application on a server that is publicly addressable by domain name. It also refers to the storage of relevant data, databases, images and various other files necessary comprise a functioning web site.
Keyword Relevance: a subjective measure indicating whether or not a page's element uses a relevant keyword.
Latent Semantic Indexing ( LSI )
This is an SEO technique that emphasizes the structure of the information presented in a web site in addition to the content.
Long Tail Keyword
A term used to describe less searched for words but whose combined search volumes may outweigh those of the top ten keywords. As a concept, optimising a website for long tail keywords may prove extremely successful by essentially taking a big piece of a small pie.
Maintenance refers to the activities necessary to keep a web site or web application in good working order including bug fixes, minor functionality changes, database maintenance copy changes and SEO tweaks. The creation of new functionality beyond the original project scope is not included.
The masthead is the top portion of the page which is generally used to establish branding.
Other Tags
Other tags include h4-h6, strong, b (bold - depricated), em (emphasis), i (italic) acronym, dfn (definition), and abbr (abbreviation). Moderate use of keywords in these tags can support your SEO Strategy
The number of PageViews divided by the number of Visits. This is suggestive of how well you are engaing your visitors once they arrive.
The number of pages that were viewed in a given period. This is not to be confused with hits.
Search Engine Optimizationi ( SEO )
Search Engine Optimization describes a set techniques for shaping the content of a web site to make it attractive to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Stop Words
Small words such as 'the', 'if', 'and' that are necessary lubiricants to natural language but add little to seo efforts
Traffic Sources
Where your traffic is comming from. Trackable sources include Direct Traffic (where the visitor types your web address into their browser), Search Engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, About, Etc ), Referring Sites ( other web sites that provide links to your site), Social Includes ( Facebook, Twitter, etc ), Email Campaigns ( Constant Contact ), and Ad Campaigns ( the pay-per click market).
The number of times in a period that a visitor came to your web site
World Wide Web Consortium. A consortium of corporations and other organizations, including all major browser developers, that represents the de-facto standards organization concerning web technologies such as HTML, XML, CSS and many others.
XT907 shows up in Google Analytics as a mobile device. This is the Motorola Droid Razr M. It is a mobile phone.