Cairn Applications

Roll-Off Container Tracking for the Waste Hauler!

Roll-off containers represent a significant capital investment for any waste hauler. Successfully tracking these assets and focusing on the highest possible turnover can make or break the small to mid-sized waste hauler.

Waste haulers have long used paper and pencil to track their roll-off containers, customers, and tipping fees. Software solutions available to automate the business are prohibitively expensive for the small waste hauler looking to play in a highly competitive market. Available solutions tend to be overbuilt, doing significantly more than the waste hauler needs. Service and training on these solutions often run to the thousands of dollars.

The Web Savvy Waste Hauler's Solution

Box Tracker, from Cairn Applications, offers a different approach. Our application uses the internet to enable the small to mid-sized roll-off container company to compete on the same scale as the larger waste haulers.

With Box Tracker, order takers create work orders for customers, which automatically flow to the dispatcher's screen. The dispatcher assigns the work order to the appropriate driver in the field. The driver delivering the roll-off container has all the necessary information for completing the work order in his hands, seconds after the customer calls.

Box Tracker's reporting features offer owners a view of their waste hauling business that measures key performance indicators such as occupancy and container turn over.

Key Features: