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myBulletin: Edit Bulletin

Edit an existing Bulletin

Toolbar for the myBulletin system
  1. Click on an existing bulletin to select it.
    Select an existing bulletin
  2. Click on the 'Edit Bulletin' button...Edit
          Bulletin to open the Add /Edit Bulletin dialog box.
    Add /Edit Bulletin dialog box
  3. Click on the Calendar button to the right of the Expires field to open the calendar tool. Calendar tool />  
          Use the Calendar tool
  4. Once you have selected the correct month, click on the specific day that you want the Bulletin to expire. Please note that the the expiration occurs at midnight. So if you want your bulletin to be visible all day Thursday, but go away on Friday, set the expiration date for Friday.
  5. Use the bulletin field to create the text of your bulletin. The controls on this field are the basic editing controls common to most word processing applications.
  6. When you are done working, click the Save button in the lower right corner and the bulletin will display on your web site.