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myBlog: Feature: Delayed Publish

Featrure: Delayed Publish

Delayed Publish for myBlog

The delayed publish feature for myBlog enables you to write blog posts and have them publish automatically at a preset future date. This feature enables the client to write multiple blog posts in a single sitting and have them post to their web site at regular intervals.

To use the delayed publish feature:

  1. Locate the publish date at the bottom of the Add / Edit Blog Dialog Box.
  2. The current publish date is shown in bold ( the default value will be the current date )
  3. Click on the calendar icon to the right of the publish date to display the calendar tool.
  4. Click the date you want your post to publish on. The calendar tool will close and the publish date will update
  5. Be sure to save your changes.

Note: The publish check box must be select or your post will not publish properly.