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myBlog: Edit Post

Edit an exiting post

myBlog Toolbar
  1. Start by clicking on a blog post to select it as shown below.

    Selected row image

  2. Use the Add Post button on the toolbar pictured above to open the Add / Edit Blog dialog box. You should end up with the following dialog box. myBlog Add/Edit Dialog
  3. Use the dialog box to add a title and text for your post. The toolbar in the post field is equiped with a number of familiar tools. You do not to any special web skills to use this. It behaves just like a word processor.
  4. You can add post categories by typing in the New Category box to the right then clicking the Add button. The new category will show up below as well as on your blog page. If you want to assign this post to one or more categories, simply mark the check box to the left of the appropriate category. To remove the category simply click the button to the right.
  5. Chek the Publish this entry check box in the lower left corner to get the post to show up on your web site
  6. When you are done working, click the Save button in the lower right corner