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myBulletin: Overview

myBulletin is a site integrated tool on the myCairnApps platform that works like a intelligent bulletin board. Use this tool to announce up coming events or reminders. Bulletins have an expiration date so they manage themselves with no editing!

For example, you can create a bulleting for your karate class that says “Don't forget your pads for Friday night!” You can set the expiration date for Friday night and when you wake up Saturday morning that announcement will be gone!

The image below shows you the primary application components. Below the image each area is explained.

Overview of the myBulletin system

The above image shows the major application ares. They are:

  1. Navigation: Navigate back to the myCairnApps Home Page
  2. Toolbar: Activate the application's various commands with the toolbar. Each button has hover text that reminds you what it does. This text appears when you move your mouse over each button.
  3. Announcements: A list of all of the available announcements showing the Headline, the Author, the Expiration date ( midnight ) and status light showing whether or not this announcement is active on your site.