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Referrals ( Back links )

The web is one big bibiliography

The genius of page rank ( Google's Initial algorythm ) is that web sites sites frequently link to one another there by giving each other credibility. If I make a claim on my web site and attribute another web site, then I am essentially saying: "I believe that the other web site is a credible and authoritative source for the claim I have just made." The more CREDIBLE and RELEVANT back links I have the more of an authority I am in the eyes of the search Engines.

Good Links

  • Trade Associatioins
  • Manufacturers of products that you sell
  • Relevant Organzations that you are affiliated with
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Directories of similar Businesses
  • Legitimate posts on related and credible blogs

Bad Links

  • Link Farms
  • Random postings on unrelated increadable blogs