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Why do I need a web site?

Buying Decisions

The web is a huge input to purchasing decisions. Nearly any product can be purchased at anytime from anywhere in the world thanks to the web. Competing products and competing companies can compared; the web is full of product reviews. The experiences of your customers will impact the eperience of your prospects.

1 Trillion Devices

There were 500 million web enabled devices in 2007 and there will be 1 trillion by 20151.

40 Hours Per Month Online in 2010

Yup, that's a working week for Americans 45-54 years of age.2 People are absorbing content at an alarming rate, videos, shopping, blogs, music, television,'s all there.

You're in control

Your web site is one of the few places where you have complete control of the message you project. Because there is no marginal cost for additional content, there is nothing to stop you from fully exploring you message.

It's Everywhere

Companies that provide web quality experience to their customers can reach them any where in the world any time of day on any device.

Your Competitors Already Know

If you need another reason, your competitors have already figured this out.