Cairn Applications

Web Applications

Cairn Applications specializes in building secure, high performance web-based business applications that streamline your work-flow and facilitate collaboration. These applications can connect your employees and customers all over the world in real time.

Web Applications save money. They run in your browser window so there is no additional software to install and maintain. You don't need a server, and you do not even need to be connected to your network. All of the heavy lifting happens on a server in a professionally managed data center.

Web applications are platform agnostic. That means that you can run the same application in Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. without the issues or expense of configuring and maintaining virtual machines or software layers. Simply put, the sales people running Blackberrys can communicate with the creative people running Macs, the business people running Windows and the technical people running Linux.

Oh yeah, if you want your customers to log and see the data or see it on your web site, you can do you that too!

Web Applications are geographically agnostic as well. That means that you can log into your application securely from any computer in the world that has a browser and an internet connection.

There has never been a easier way to build and use custom software. Call us today to discuss your needs.